Project Description

The central hall (230×430 feet) of Sambil Barquisimeto fits the contour of the guitar-like shape which prevails in the image design of the mall. Six poles and the central “spine”: – 28 feet wide, glass-covered truss, (which originally included also a circular steel framed base for a geodesic cupola in structural glass) – support a cable net system that anchors the whole structure to the concrete roof. A PVC membrane teflon coated (Ferrari) spans on both sides of the spine. In the original project, transparent ETFE cones covered the connection to the poles.



Place: Barquisimeto

(LARA – Venezuela)

Status: Completed 2007


Principal Architect: David Gabay

Engineers: Gerry D’Anza, Loredana Di Benedetto, Michele Privitera (Italy) and Castellon & Steiner (VE)

Conceptual and industrial design: Fernando Da Costa Gomes

Construction project, shop drawings and CNC: with Krina Ber and Victor Martinez

Membrane formfinder and pattern: Gerry D’Anza Loredana Di Benedetto (Italy) avec Forten32

Macros and special software: J. F. Castellón (topology) and Pierre Bartholomé (Bocad 3d)


Building management: Grupo Cabaleiros

Steel contractor: Preacero Pellizzari

Cables, cable net and membrane contractor: Tents & Sails Estructuras (VE) and Gerardo Castro Rojas (Colombia)